Complications in North Central Florida – Out of The Pirate Caves of Rex

I expected the loot to be under heavy rocks in the cave –a long way back in some hidden recess of the cave. Actually the whole stash was in the woman’s side of the public restroom which was just to the left of the entrance gate. It was labeled ‘Gents’ and ‘Gals’ and inside the smelly place (and it was a stink-a-rama). The cause was that first no electric lights had been on in the toilet since 1968 and so what was done in there was accomplished with a flashlight or no light at all. Also there had been a sewer pipe but it had probably ceased functioning when the lights quit working. The sewer drainage was quite natural and rather stagnant. So what was emitted into toilets had to stay in place until evaporation worked it’s less than magic effect.

The toilets were like little holes that one walked down to, they lined each room that the victims entered. Maybe with overhead lights it may have been exotic or halfway normal. But the wooden things one sat on looked like Boy Scout latrines. I would rather have found a nice tree. I think for years there had been no gate to keep people out of the restrooms so people from the roadway had wandered in, now everything was gated. I sent for more people from my place in Orlando to clean up the park.

I found that recently trained slaves were much more devoted to their work, after a while the training and lessons shown during examples in training wore off. It was the way new converts to a strange religion act when they first are convinced that they have seen the real truth, but after time the recollection needs to be refreshed. I had a slave training system set up in Maitland and it made slaves think they had joined a new religion. At first they learned to worship Rex Lumbar the God. I’ll have to admit it’s a strange name for a God. My parents were drunk when they named me Rex, very smashed and totally inebriated. We didn’t have any relatives named that, but maybe they had a dog with that name. Cindy had read lots of books about slave control and she convinced me that it took intensive training to make people give up all freedom and human ties to obey as religious worshipers a god like Rex Lumbar. The team of workers who came to the caverns to carry my money and gold were the new graduates of the God School. It is amazing how little was said as the task moved forward. The loot was put in brown bags and as money was rescued from under and around the latrines the slaves carried on as if performing a sacred sacrament. It almost made me chuckle how, since I was visually present at the uncovering and loading of the treasure at the latrines. I had extra porta-potties at the caves for all natural functions, I didn’t want urine splashing on my gold. At least not any longer.

It was while I was taking out all the treasure from the restroom caves, and numerous places, because it must have been a tradition to hide loot in the caves, that Sandra, one of Bill Jr’s former wives, mentioned a possible theme for the Ocala caverns — ‘Pirates’. Land thieves and sea stealers are about the same, both take money not theirs.

Of course I was maybe the biggest pirate of all the Blackbeard’s, but I guess I could be called more accurately a freebooter, because I got all my loot and treasures as an independent agent of the State of Florida. I got this gang girl Janet as my slave and she got special privileges from me for telling me where all the loot was buried (in the shit-house) in Ocala Caverns. The final name was for the caves reborn was: The Pirate Caves of Rex.

My first opportunity was with a dollar store chain called Buck General, and this guy named Ferdino who owned that enterprise took a chance on me, and let me take over his empire. He quickly retired to a variety of foreign beaches. When I got the loot from the cave I wanted to simplify that obligation and it was not easy to bring him out because I had tripled the value of Buck General and first he wanted to buy me out, it would cost much more than the whole thing was worth when I got it. He was living in Brazil when I got hold of him. Lawyers are really wonderful when they go where ever you tell them and if you own them they do exactly as told. My lawyer was Baxter, he was a little man who was one of those caught with Bill Jr. at the caves.

Baxter Teitter was a banker and a lawyer, or a lawyer that owned a bank. He owned the Sunshine Bank in Ocala. He was older than me, but had much younger wives. His wives were educated and stylish.

It was Sandra, Bill Jr’s former wife who showed me the former Baxter property at Lake Weir and it was Sandra who explained the new situation to Baxter’s five wives. We all sat in a big Florida Room that overlooked the lake as she explained the new situation. Sandra was pretty, but Baxter’s x’s were beauty queens. I was almost strangled in lust by just being there with them. I had partaken that day so much before that I was able to be sociable a little before getting down to business with them.

During a question and answer session Sandra had with me and the former 5 wives I learned more than the wives did. One wife Gigi said, “I grew up in New Smyrna Beach Florida where my father drove a Sun tram Volusia County Bus. I went to Seabreeze High School and won an academic scholarship to go to the University of Florida in Gainesville. The scholarship only paid tuition so I signed up for a Sunshine Indenture in the banking business so I could go to college. I figured that banking was a nice clean civilized job where I could work and maybe prosper, after I was an educated woman.

I got in the mail, at my parents house, a check for 5 thousand dollars, ‘for spending money’ and a note that said, ‘Gigi go to Volusia Fashions on Beach Street and pick up and choose new clothes for school in Gainesville’ The note was signed ‘Baxter Teither’. There was also a bus ticket to Gainesville Florida.

Sunshine Bank had its own dorm house for women on University Avenue called Charlotte’s’. When the city bus got to the dorm I struggled the 2 bags to the sidewalk and 2 boys rushed out and took my bags inside. “I’m Rodger the dorm manager.” A tall boy who was probably 20 said inside. He led me and the two boy carriers toward the elevator. As we waited for the elevator he said, “Your indenture supervisor is waiting to meet you in your room. You have a private room Gigi, so you must be very special. We only have 5 special rooms.”

When I got upstairs Mr. Tiether was sitting on my bed, there were chairs, but he sat on the bed. My room was bigger than our whole house where I had lived in Volusia county. I saw the 2 boys put down my bags and the door closed behind me as the dorm manager closed it.

“Did you read your indenture Gigi?” Mr. Teitler said.

“Yes sir,” I said.

“Good, and was there any part of it that I could clarify or expand about?”

“No sir, I think it’s really clear. I need to attend all my classes, unless sick, and maintain a ‘B’ or better grade point average in my banking technology classes and math.”

“Do you remember about personal service?”

“It, the contract, said, ‘From time to time executives of the company may require extra services from the indentured’ My father said there were also words like that in his indenture with the Volusia County Bus Company.”

“Did you have a social life on New Smyrna Gigi?”

“Sure I was selected homecoming queen at Seabreeze High.”

“But your scholarship papers show you mostly stayed at home and studied.”

“Yes I’m serious about being a great student.”

“Look Gigi you’ve had a bus trip so you shower and freshen up and wear your new black dress, earings and heels and I’ll take you out to the best Hog Town Restaurant.”

“Where in the bathroom sir?”

He pushed a lever on the wall and a wide door opened up. The bathroom was bigger than my room at home. The lights came on when the door opened, “Would you rather have male or female attendants in your room Gigi — both kinds are available?”

“Female sir”, I said and he pushed a gold button that must have been a speaker and said, “Send up girl slaves.”

We just stood there, very awkward, and then he touched the button again and said, “Whats the holdup with the slave girls?”

The male voice came back, “Master the ones you chose were not all ready, but they will be up in less than five minutes. I’m so very sorry for the delay. The male team was ready.”

“Do other girls,” I asked “really have boys in their rooms to help them?”

“You are the only girl, of the 40 at school here now, that qualifies for a bg room and room attendants.”

“Why am I different?”

“Purity, your doctor says you’re a virgin and you meet the physical qualifications, the same ones that got you your title of homecoming queen. You also were asked to compete in the Miss New Smyrna contest.”

“My father didn’t want me to do that. They had to wear very little bathing suits.”

“Yes, and you obeyed him.”

Just then there was a knock at the door and Baxter said, “Come in.” He said plenty to me about Gainesville and the Gator football team, and one thing he said was, “Call me Baxter, you’re going to see a lot of me from now on.”

Three girls wearing one piece green dresses and silver slave collars with no shoes ran in and Rodger the dorm manager said, “Here they finally are master.” the girls stood in front of us and Rodger closed the bedroom door behind him.

Baxter just sat in a comfortable chair away from the bathroom and the three girls quickly and without talk took off my clothes and brought out the black outfit that Baxter had mentioned, so I knew there was nothing like a private conservation in the house. Although he was looking away while I was prepared for going out, I realized there was no privacy from Baxter anyplace. He was not watching me dress, but he was comfortable being there, and would see me naked if he wanted to do that thing.

I had seen slavery around where I lived all my life. They had seemed to be part of life at the beach. Tourists went around with a boy or girl on a leash. Families had bodyguard slaves and drivers, but the girl slaves who washed and dressed me were different — they were scared and shaking afraid of me and deathly scared of Baxter.

I was 17 (barely) and the slave girls were maybe 19 or 20. They wore no bras or underwear, just the bright green one piece pushovers. They also had no tattoos on their bodies or piercings or brands that I saw. They put a net over my hair, but their hair got wet along with their dresses. They must have practiced speed dressing because I was washed and dressed in heels in 15 minutes.

Baxter began talking about himself as soon as we got out of the house. He’s a lawyer and runs a bank and has 4 wives, at the moment, and claims to be 40 years old. well one thing I do well is guess ages and I think he’s closer to 60 than even 50. He’s an old man, but he is scary because I saw the 3 slaves girls in my room. they are all very pretty and he has probably fucked them and maybe whipped them. Their legs had marks on them, probably strap marks. There are different sizes of straps hanging in my room, maybe as room decorations. Maybe the way a monster would furnish his room.

Going out to the car Baxter touched me on my arms and getting in the car put his hand on my rear. I said nothing because maybe his bringing up my indenture and the ‘extra services’ thing meant a little touching. My father would be horrified, if he knew, but maybe just a pat on the butt was part of having an extra-large room and 3 slave girls

We did go to a fancy restaurant called the Gator Stomp. It was quite a trip out to Micanopy and it’s South of Gainesville. I think on that first trip we didn’t go the direct way straight to the restaurant, but he wanted to ride with me quite a bit and then arrive. All the guests at the restaurant were very friendly with Baxter and with each other. They were all very rich and each old gentleman had one to three women with him. Most of the women were about as old as the men, about 60 plus, but some wives were about my age. Baxter ate with Dennis Castro and his wife Sandy.

It seems that the restaurant is also a shooting club and the men go out back to shoot while the women are left to their own devices. At first when we were alone Sandy said, “I’m so glad Baxter has a new love interest. Did he tell you his youngest wife died in a car accident, tragic!”

“Yes,” I said but knew nothing about it.

“Louise was her name, and she came here with him. I think she had 3 babies for him. She had been a scholarship girl like you. Well he does pick pretty ones.”

“Did he tell you what Gator Stomp really is?”


“Well it proves how powerful he is. You noticed how he was the center of attention when he came in and everyone wanted to meet you Gigi Morgan, freshman at the University of Florida?”

“Sure everything else was suspended. Maybe he comes here so seldom?”

“No these are lawyers and business managers and professors from Gainesville and Lake City and they are all indentured to him for life. We all are his chattel slaves. He calls us here to humble us. for years he’s fucked me and Dennis has been screwed to. Sometimes he does sexual things in public and other times he uses a room over by the shooting range.

Often one of his male assistants will call us, but this time he was excited about you and called me himself and asked me to explain your situation to you.”

“What is my situation?”

“You have been chosen to be his replacement wife, the one who will take the place of Louise. He lives in Ocala in a big mansion in the Woodfields Area, but mostly he stays at another huge place at Lake Weir — that’s about 30 miles from his Ocala place. It’s at Lake Weir where he keeps about 50 of his children. Those are the legitimate children, he has hundreds more from slaves and concubines. I’m family because for sure 2 of my children are his, not my husbands. He took me places with him 15 years ago.

Look Gigi do what he says, he doesn”t do well with opposition. He likes long romantic intervals with future wives, before he marries them. He will probably give you an engagement ring to wear tonight. God, be always faithful to him — don’t let him think you are slipping around with a boy.

You may even get to graduate before he marries you.

Oh I don’t know, if he takes stuff to keep him hard, but he fucks like a bunny, and you need to expect to see him screw lots of people where you live. All the girls are indentured, and probably none of them meet his high standards. So expect to see him climbing on girls every time he’s in your dorm. Just go to class, smile at him and be affectionate. He’ll test you out then marry you. You really have no chance to marry anyone else dear.”

Sure enough he gave me a big diamond engagement ring that night. Back at the dorm he introduced me to Betty Light from Lake City, who was a 2nd semester freshman and then he kissed me goodnight and I thought left the building, but later I found he had told Betty to take me down to supper ( I had already had plenty at the gator place), but Betty introduced me as ‘The new favorite of Mr. Teither’ Betty sat with me at a table apart from the others and explained to me that mine was the favorite table. there also was a freshman table, a sophomore table and junior and a probation table. I asked Betty “Why no senior table?”

“Oh you would have to be an ugly, unappealing creature to be a senior and not be even pregnant.” I noticed there was no pregnant table in the lunchroom, but I saw several girls around in the halls that seemed expecting.

From the first day of classes I had a bodyguard he was Rodger the dorm manager. He came to my room on Monday morning wearing a green shirt and pants and a silver slave collar. He said, “Mistress Gigi, the master has decided to make me you body slave. I have been altered and am no longer of the male gender. So Master Baxter said to follow you everywhere, even into the girls bathrooms and he said, ‘Even wipe her ass if she wants.’

So Rodger was demoted and another guy, also neutered took over at the dorm entrance desk. Rodger slept outside my bedroom door on the floor all night, every night.

In high school I was probably known for how I looked, everyone wanted to tell me about my movie star looks, but then in college I still looked the same, but people noticed my slave Rodger and my diamond ring (it was, ‘How many carats dear?’) Rodger was very good-looking in contrast to Baxter. Baxter was into me so much as his romantic date. He took me out on dates to almost every U.F. event. After a few weeks of that I protested that I had no time to study for my courses, before that I was too afraid to speak. He listened, considered, and from then on dated me only on weekends.

At first I thought he would just come up to my room one night, and would have me, but that never happened. It was not that he didn’t visit girls at night. The freshman table in our dining hall became almost all pregnant, or thinking they might be. The main purpose of the dorm manager, who was neutered, was to keep away stray boys. “All the women here”, I’ve heard him say, “are indentured and spoken for.” The gossip was those boys who persisted were hunted down and assaulted. Baxter had beautiful girls at his dorm, and he was not one to share. Betty who I allowed to eat with me at the ‘favorite’ table told me all the gossip, and it was not a flowers and roses story. Baxter was a gentleman with me, but whips and chains were more of his implements of control. According to Betty several girls had been chained in their rooms for a week because a boy kept coming to the dorm, or called the dorm often.

Our dates were often at the Gator Stamp Restarent and Shooting Range and Louise and Dennis were always there and her ideas of Baxters domination became more and more apparent there. Baxter called the place at Micanopy The Club, and he would tell me out there, “This is ‘youngest wife night’ but I would just smile and want to say, ‘So why don’t you take your youngest wife?’ But I would just smile and squeeze his hand.

We went to the club to eat Saturday and Sunday nights unless there was a school event Baxter would rather go to, and Sandy and Dennis Castro always came because they ate with Baxter and I. I think my presence made Baxter more modest, and there were no sex acts in front of me, but even Dennis would sometimes crawl up to Baxter and kiss his shoes and lick them. then Baxter would bend down and pat him on his head and say, “You can take youor seat now old friend.” After that they would eat their meal and talk like nothing had happened. The world of slavery was full of suprises for me.

One Monday I got a message in my first class, cultural afairs, from a messanger and it said: “Jigi, I am Dean Kellogg of the University College and Baxter wanted me to talk to you every month, or as often as you need. I hope you can come at 2 PM today. Of course bring your body guard in my office with you.
PS I met you at the restaurant at Micanaopy but you probably don’t remember me, but I was with a redheaded wife that Baxter took to his room. Call my secretary if you can’t come please.

He was right I remembered the redhead wife and Baxter came out of the room happy and smilng but the woman probably no more than 20 years old was crying and about half dressed. Her dress had to be buttoned at the back and it looked like Baxter had torn off most of the buttons. I think a waiter brought safety pins and her husband pulled the back together and pinned it up.

Sandy talked all the time Baxter was not at the table and she talked when her husband was not out shooting with Baxter, but Baxter was in the special room having sex wth a wife or girlfriend of another guest. At first I just didn’t talk when Dennis was sitting there and then Sandy said, “I’m sorry Jigi, but my relationship with Dennis is almost like yours with Rodger the once dorm manager. Most times Rodger stood somewhere away from the table in the room where we ate.”

“Well he’s a body slave and neutered.” I said.

“That’s the difference, Dennis is intact, but I was Baxter’s concubine, traveling concubine until he got tired of me as a steady diet — I was getting older so he let me pick among several of the indentured and I chose Dennis.”

I really had no idea what Dean Kellogg was when I went to his office. After we shook hands and I sat down across from hlm he said, “Jigi, I asked that you bring your bodyguard Rodger because it involved what Dennis told me to do. Could you tell me what he does for you? I wouldn’t ask at all but Denns has specifed I should see and observe him.”

“Well Rodger was the dorm manager for Dennis, until I arrivied,” I looked over where Rodger was standing with his head bowed by the door, “Then the first day of school this term Baxter decided to make him my body slave.”

“Baxter said to me Jigi, ‘Have them tell you what Rodger does for her, because I’m deciding if maybe I’ll let you take Rodgers place or if you can serve her better by remaining dean of the University College?’ That’s exactly what he said.”

“He said ‘Them’ he wants Rodger to talk?” The Dean said,”

“Well Rodger usually doesn’t talk. In my rooms at home I have 3 service girls who wash and dress me. Rodger is neutered so he manages the girls so they are doing their tasks well.

Two of them wash and dress him while I eat breakfast that my cook prepares. Or I eat with the other girls and he goes down with me. Oh he sleeps on the floor outside my bedroom door.

He goes to class with me and sits on his knees. I attach a leash to his collar, because that s the style for male slaves, or sort of male slaves like Rodger. Dennis calls him ‘A run and fetch animal’.

Dennis called him that to me also, I’m scared to death of, well this might happen.”

“Yes I’m accustomed to him now, and think of him like I do the wash girls. I use him to do everything for me. Rodger is so afraid of Dennis because Dennis makes threats about how, “Demotion below being a body slave is to dog food.” Dennis will say to Rodger, “Run fast for Gigi Rodger because Lassie is hungry.” What he means is that Lassie is the dog at Lake Weir, that is the night guard dog, and he is threatening to make Rodger into food. Rodger asks me to strap him before Dennis comes over so I can report that I’m keeping the body slave slobbering and well lashed. I often give him licks.”

“Does Rodger go in the bathroom with you?”

“Yes, Dennis says attacks occur in bathrooms and so the body slave goes there with me. I asked Dennis, ‘What should he do if he goes there?’ Dennis replied, ‘Wash your hands for you, wipe your ass if you shit, comb your hair, fuck I don’t want you to do anything baby. You own him and I want him used or I’ll get you another neutered boy and the current one will become a shovel jockey at my Reddick Farm.’

“So just tell me what you want me to do Jigi?

“I came here because you wrote the note. I am happy with my classes and school.”

“Oh please, please I thnk I must do things for you. I checked on you because he was so serious with me. I know you do very well in your five classes. He was very clear he wants me to do things to help you or else! PLEASE let me do things for you. An academic dean at U.F. is about as powerful as god here and you own me. Literally I know you have 5 slaves in your room, 3 young women who clean you and clean your apartment and dress you, a cook who is older and fixes breakfast, and a neutered young male slave. I have been threatened with being reduced to your run and fetch body slave. For me that would probably mean casteration and extreme slave training. I’ve seen things much like that at the Shooting Club. Actually a few men he just took out and shot. I haven’t slept since he explained that, ‘What you need to do Dean is please Jigi. Let your teachers and staff know that she is your most important student. If she’s unhappy wth anything I’ll cut your balls off and make you a body slave.’

See Jigi he’s like that and I’ve got to serve you. Now how do you like your culture affairs teacher? It’s Doctor Betty Anders? How will you correct Betty Ander?”

I was thinking, and so there was a gap in our talking, so he added “Any way at all, just give me an instrucation.”

“Well with my slave boy Rodger I use a 12 inch strap.”

“Thats what I’ll use as needed by you, tell me when and how many licks. Think hard Jigi, do you like the seat you have in the lecture hall? I hope you have suggestions about how she could improve her lectures?”

“Well OK, it might be bretter if she stuck to the course sylbus in her lectures and didn’t let student questions lead her to other topics. Yes she should take questions the last 10 or 15 minutes of class, and use every bit of class time. Is that what you want?”

“Yes exactly, if all of ths isn’t corrected at once I will punish her. Did you know that instructors are slaves of the University College?”

“No, I figured that they had indentures. How are they punished? How will you correct Betty Anders?”

“Any way you desire!”

“Well I think that the 12 inch strap is very effective.”

Of course thats what I’ll use, you can even tell me the number of hard hits.”

“Have you punished her before?”

“Well not for professional reasons, but sexual. when she was new here she prefered a female math teacher to me. I had her branded on the left rump.”

“What does the brand say? Or is it a sign or mark?”

“No it’s the word KELLOG. I hear she tells her female lovers that its the name of her favorite cereal and she’s had the brand for years.”

“Did she have sex with you after the brandng?”

“Well of course, but it was alot like rape. Are there any other teachers that you want to improve?”

“Mr Faraway in Freshman English we read selections in our text, but the comments he makes are too general and not specfic or on point. He reads student essays too quickly.”

“He probably has several graduate students who read the papers. Do you want him to read yours?”

“Yes he should read all my essays, but just pick 20 students out of the 120 for him to read each time and punish him if he misses anything important that I write. Don’t point me out to him.”

“Yes of course I will,” He said and did a wonderful job with both teachers. In fact before the semester was over all my teachers had reformed how they taught, and maybe were refreshed in how they thought. The biggest change came with Kellog. He turned his whole office staff over to me. At one time I figured at least one of my teachers had figured out that I was the student who got her ten licks, so I had the Dean call in another student Samatha Moss, and have confrences with her most every day, well that shifted the blame to that innocent girl. Then when bad things happened to Samatha I gave the teachers vicious punishments: brands and toe operations.

Kellog wrote detaled reports to Baxter explaining each of my suggestions and how he made corrections. In my 1st sophmore semester one professor of humanities gave me a ‘D’ on one of my essays. She was a harsh bitch named Gertrude Smatter, not even a pretty woman. I had her whipped, but I got a 2nd bad grade. Many other students complained about low grades. I had a video recording made of Smatter being branded on the ass with a big ‘B’. Of course the low grades were fixed, but because she had offended me twice I also branded Kellog with the same ‘B’. Of course I didn’t look at his ass, but Baxter did, and said it was inflamed and two inches tall. I got much better work from the Dean after his branding.

I had no real friends on campus so I used three assistant deans wives as my buddies. But Kellog liked the idea and I also ordered both assistant deans to fuck the humanities teacher and that improved her teaching 100%.

My idea was that Baxter would tire of the date and romance, the flowers and trips to Micanopy would end. It seemed to intensify.

Sandy had been one of his favorite girls who traveled with him, but he had been very sexual with her from the first day. also with new girls who came in my dorm each semester and many were very pretty, none sat at my special tabled for meals and he visted their rooms for sex within a few days.

Betty Light who I ate some meals with my first year at school, was gone from school all of a sudden during my 2nd year Baxter at Christmas sent the dorm manager with her up to my room with a note: ‘Dearest Gigi, Your getting a diamond bracelet for Christmas, but here is a newly trained slave Betty, who produced a baby from a boy in her astromony class. the boy is now looking at the stars from a farm where he is serving his slavery.
Betty had 15 weeks of toilet and floor cleaning training, but would probably like being talked to again on her knees by you. It would be a shame to waste 2 years of college on just a scrub slave. You can think of ways to use her.
Love & Kisses

Baxter Trether surrendered to the officers at the Ocala Caverens because he believed he and his lawyers would get him out soon. He also had lots of influence if he came in contact with any of those he controled, but I didn’t even know him and he was tied up at once, then chained down.

When I first visited with him I had already been to his home on Lake Weir and met his wives. He was in a bare room, on the floor naked with his arms outstretched in a yoke which was also attached to his neck.

“I’m Rex Lumber, and you have probably heard about me Baxter. I own the caves where you trespassed with guns. Your a lawyer and so you know the local judge, County Court Judge Fondman of Marion County, well he signed an order making you and your friends slaves for life.”

“This is all illegal! I’m a person with money enough to protect myself from crazy things like this! I’m big here!” He was shouting and I leaned against the wall and said, “You have a very little penis slave man.”

“You wouldn’t say things like that Rex if I had my hands free!”

“Let’s not get so upset. Has it been two weeks since your capture?”

“I think alot longer.”

“Of course it seems like, a long time for you in your condition. You lived in a sort of paradise with all your University of Florida girls and the place at Lake Weir. I’m not trying to stir you up, but you know how to pick women Baxter. Jigi your youngest ex wife is probably one of the most beautiful women in America. You also have the most submissive wives I have ever met and they are all talkers, they tell me everything.

Well of course, and you must have guessed, I am a very busy man Baxter. I own you and all the stuff you once owned so that is plenty to keep one hopping, before I came here I owned several other enterprises. So I don’t waste much time.

What I wanted to say to you Baxter is that your getting too old to be utalized in most usual slave functions, but you did well for yourself as a lawyer, and I could use a good lawyer. You could probably lead a good life being an attorney for me. Of course you will have to have a bit of slave training first, just enough to make sure you know who owns your skin.

Oh, I’ve been to your shooting club, and you have a nice bunch there.”

“How did you find out about all of that?”

“Well thats all in the past for you, but you have a rather comfortable established social and economic network. If you must know Jigi is well educated and Sandy knows everything even your secret bank accounts. Jigi took me on a tour of the dorm at the college I plan to spend some quality time up there.”

“I never thought about being a lawyer again.”

“You’ll have an office and only one client. I know you had a diverse sex life, but now (after suitable training) you will have an office where you will live. I have a boy who will supervise you, one who was trained as a manager of a Buck General store in Orlando, he will keep you on task. If you work well and bring me a good cash flow, then you will be allowed women. Oh the girls at Lake Weir want to know if you used drugs to keep hard, or if you got injections from Dr. Burnham? I just told them I would find out.”


“Good, now you get a question, fair is fair, to some little extent with ones slave man.”

“What happened to Bill Jr. and the other guys you caught? You know we were just curious about maybe investing in nearby land, and we were wanting to know what you were doing.”

“The guys we caught were not at all like the shootiong club bunch and some of them are in other rooms here at the bank still signing documents and deeds over to me. I’ve had plenty of sucess threating toes.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well of course I want everything they have, and all that they know and to get all that, I can probably think of purposes to use them, but they aren’t lawyers. I don’t care if they limp around.”

“Your cutting off their toes?”

“Well Sandy from your shooting club at Micanopy told me you took out two 19 year old men and used them for targets, said ‘Shoot off their balls’.'”

“That was about some indiscresions with my women. Nothing about money or property.”

“Well money and property are iomportant to me, and you should understand that as my lawyer. You do want the job don’t you? Of course under the terms I’ve outlined?”

“As a slave of yours who lives at the office and is under threat of losing toes?”

“Yes, and if you make me gobs of money and acquire property for me you can get rewards –in mostly women.”

“I want the job, so what about Bill Jr.? He has no big property to cut off his toes about?”

“Oh he’s part of the Ocala Caves Tourist Attraction Inc. He’s got a great booming voice so I may let hiom be the over the air anouncer during bnusiness hours. right now he’s involved in some slave training, why were you thinking of some use for him as my lawyer?”

“No, he was just a friend. My wives and his were very friendly.”

“His wife Sandra, Bill Jr.’s, was very helpful to me and really wonderful in bed. I think she was the force behind bill Jr. that was pushing him to be rich like you. Sandra has worderful ideas about the Ocala Caverens. I may let her be a manager over there, maybe of the hotel we’re building.


Ray Cates can be faxed at: 352-629-1573 Or you can write him at: 2505 N.W. Magnolia Ave Ocala Florida 24475
Some of his other stories are:

‘At the Caves’

When I was in jail as a kid I heard all sorts of tall tales about ways to get rich,  schemes to get a million easy.  Most of the criminal boys who talked such talk were know to be big liars  Everyone around said they didn’t know any part of the truth.  I couldn’t see any advantage for Janet to lie to her master.  The advantage would be if there was a pile of gold hidden n the cavern.  Of course  I knew it was possible that I was very late, someone else probably already gotten the money, or maybe rats had eaten it all up.  What I found out from newspapers was that the gang got something called ‘Quick Trial’.  That quick thing meant that there was such a string of murders had been so extensive that officials wanted and got quick death. Within 24 hours all of them were shot.  The main part of the trial was a positive ID, and then a walk to the shooting wall.

As Janet said, “They never trusted lawyers, and if some had wanted to talk to these boys –that would be a quick death. As to me I was just Eddie’s girlfriend and of course I did exactly what he said and went where ever he went, the other gang girls stayed somewhere like Miami Shores or were used for a while and then discarded.”

So being driven to Ocala I really felt like I was playing a big game of chance.  Of course unlike poker, where you lose everything when you get the wrong cards, here I owned a bunch of caves, an underground lake and 22 acres on 3 major roads (highways 301, 441 & 27).  In the year 1960 the Ocala Caverns had been ranked Seventy-fifth  attended in Florida at that time, out of the top 100.

Bill Jr. had all the papers ready for me to sign when I got to Ocala.  The office was on Pine Avenue.  The realtors son was, I guess about 24 years old and asked about 3 questions a minute about, “What are you going to do with the property Mr. Rex.”

I figured it was none of his business but I said, “I’m evaluating the area for opportunities and if I think of any other thing I need I’ll call you.”

“And I’ll come running.” He said.

I got the keys to the property gate and drove out to the cave entrance and noticed lots of car tracks on the property, they looked very fresh.  So I set out 4 bodyguards around the property and put up signs saying: ‘NO TRESPASSING –INTRUDERS WILL BE SHOT’.  I figured my four big men could guard the cave all night, and Janet and I would look for the hidden loot the next day.  In the motel room I looked at the deeds and noticed Bill Jr. had recorded all the court documents in my name (not my business name — that was on the check).

If there was really so much money involved in the cave deal, they even still had their State of Florida badges as officials in the Dept. of Correction. I even had the badge I took away from the main official at Lake Conway where he surrendered to slavery.

I left some of them at the cave and used the others as personal body guards at the motel, you can’t be too careful. Bill Jr. had seemed to have much curiosity about my motivation for spending so much money for a sort of worthless property between two towns, where nothing else much was.  Maybe he was so curious because I didn’t give answers.

When I was just getting to sleep, it was about 7 PM, my phone rang and the voice said, “This is Lieut. Dawkins of the Marion County Sheriffs office and are you in charge of some State Police who are guarding the old caves out near Belleview?”

“Yes this is Rex Lumbar and I have guards out at that posted area.”

“Well an incident happened here tonight sir, actually 2 incidents.  First of all sir, for the record what is your title with the State of Florida?”

“Well I don’t know that I have a title like ‘Director’ or anything like that, but I own and contract with the State of Florida where I take all their convicted dangerous criminals and dispose of them.  The men at the mone and here at the Howard Jonson resort are some of my personal bodyguards.  They guard me and my property.”

“Well thanks for your service, you have an important job sir.  Well tonight some hooligans must have been using your caves and they tried to gain entrance.  One of your officers was killed, and three others were wounded.”

“You said there were two incidents?”

“:Yes the Sheriff’s office got aq report at 5:30 PM that shots were fired at the caves and we were told that the sounds were of automatic weapons.  we had to get a team together and counter weapons and by the time we got 40 men together, armed and ready to check out the incident  another attack took place.  Then  some others tried to sneak in from the back and they were armed, but gave up when challenged.”

“Who were the 2nd group?”

“From what they said they were the folks you bought the property from today.”

“The realtor or the property owners?”

“I think some of both.  there are forty survivors of the first attack, most of them women and girls.  Most are under age 20, and the 2nd group who were captured were all men.  Your guards have them all tied with rope.  Chains would make everything more secure.  Of course since they attacked your posted property and one indentured officer was killed, and others have arm and leg wounds, all of the invaders are your slaves.”

“Of course,”  I said and thanked him and hung up.

The next morning the front of the Ocala Caverns attraction looked really different than the night before.  There were trucks all around, many not such very good Junkers.  There was a pile of bodies, all dressed like criminals might – many were wearing holsters.  It was hard to count all the dead, but someone said twenty-two.  That looked about right.  All my men had been treated and were mobile, except for the one dead guy.  I didn’t even remember his name. I heard several of them call him Ben.

I was looking at the pile of weapons, including knives and swords and at least one machine gun, many shotguns when a man dressed in green came up and said, “I’m Dalkins and you must be Mr. Lumbard?”

“Yes I am, you’ve been here all night?”

“Yes sir, I saw no reason to take all the criminals to our local jail, since you are the ultimate destination of them.  So they are here at your mercy.”  As we walked forward I saw a group of men secured together and to a fence.  and about six feet away another of mostly women.

Janet was with me,  but she wore a metal collar as a slave and so Dalkins said nothing to her.  She was looking really fetching on that day, she had said at breakfast, “I’m looking forward to showing you the secret of the caves today master.”  She was excited about it, but I said, “It seems like everyone wants something at the caves Janet.  It may be gone when we get there.”

“No I think it will be there master.” she said

I knew Dalkns was probably indentured.  All of the officers who were guarding the prisoners at Lake Conway and even their supervisors were slave, indentured so no one could really know but their masters.    There were noises all around the caves from the tied up slaves and from traffic on the highway.  People were slowing down to see what the mob of law enforcement and cars were about.  There was also a gob of reporters and TV trucks out on the road.

Lieut. Dalkins said, “Is it all right if one news representative comes in sir and asks you some questions?”

“Sure if after the questions they will all leave.” I told him.

“He must have had some signal arranged with them because one guy trotted over from the road where all the trucks were.  The picked interview person was tall, like a basketball player and had pattern baldness.  He said, “Are you Rex Lumbard?”

“Yes I am.  Who are you?”

“I’m Ralph Goate from the Orlando Record.  We want to know what’s happening here Mr. Lumbard?”

I knew that I was being filmed by many of the trucks, because many of the devices aboard each vehicle were pointing toward where we were standing.. “I bought this out of use, once Florida Attraction the Ocala             Caverns with plans to make it a tourist place again.”

“Well what happened last night?””

“It looks like lots of trespassing and the criminals are going to pay the price for their invasion.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well my job in the center of the state — in Orlando and areas around there — is to take prisoners from the State of Florida and dispose of them.  The officers who were defending my property last night are actually my state bodyguards because I might have bad people come after me.  So there intruders.”  I pointed to the tied men and women are skipping the court procedure and are now slaves.”

“The local press from Ocala and Gainesville has viewed the prisoners, slaves, from across the street with binoculars and they say the group of woman with a few men, the larger group are known criminal groups from high school and college, but the other group of men includes big shots from Ocala.  One of the very biggies owns a bank  What’s all this about?”

“I will of course look into all of that but primarily I came to Ocala to revive the Ocala Caverns and make them one of the premier attractions n the State of Florida.

I want to thank the Marion County Sheriffs office  in assisting m officers in rounding up the criminals and securing my property.”

Ralph Grate walked back over to his truck and began talking to all the people.  I guess other reporters and then most of the trucks left.

The one characteristic  among the group of businessmen was that they looked wilted.  I guess standing all night tied to a fence was too much for old men.  Most of them were old.  Bill Jr. was the only one of the group I knew, and his clothes were less expensive.

I didn’t know much about the other men tied to the fence so I took Bill Jr. in his undershorts and tee-shirt in chains back to his real estate office.  I knew where his office was in the back of the complex and led him around secretaries to where I had signed the real estate papers yesterday.  No one said anything to us, I guess the neck leash said plenty.

When I closed thre door he said, “Look my father and I have lots of money, as do my business friends.  I heard you say for them to bring the others here in your trucks.  How much money do you want out of us?”

“First Bill it’s been determined that you and your rich friends are slaves of mine because you were caught in criminal acts with guns and you all surrendered to slavery.  You come under the rules of slavery now, and what was yours is now mine.”

“We didn’t sign anything, and for sure we didn’t shoot anyone.”

“An officer of the State of Florida was killed in part by your actions.”

“I deny that we were a part of any of that!”

“That’s not the important thing Bill.  Number one is you looked into my background before I met with you, and what is it I do?”

“You take prisoners that are mostly going to be farm slaves and sell them in bunches to farms.”

“That’s correct and don’t you think that I’m a rather important person in Florida?”


“What would you claim in court, like before a judge and jury?  Would it be that you didn’t trespass on my property at night with guns?”

“I might have my lawyer say that.”

“So then all the State of Florida officers that work for me and all the Marion County Sheriffs officers who work for Marion County will be lying when they say they caught you on my property with guns and there s the matter of the dead officer, and the several wounds.  Then there are newspaper pictures of the group of slaves tied to the fence.”

“With a good lawyer there will be loopholes.”

“How can you as a slave find a good lawyer?”

“I contend I’m not a slave.”

“Bill I get groups of convicts in Orlando daily, at my headquarters,and some I listen to and become convinced of their complete innocence, but I never set even one free.  Slaves are like money in a wallet, people carry around cash until it’s needed, they never throw it out on the ground.

For example Bill one day at the office my workers had set aside a group of girls from Tallahassee, in my daily book of ‘things to do’ it said, ‘Group of girls from Florida State University who were working their way thru school by splitting their prostitution money by pimping themselves. They are a very beautiful group, and many had top dollar cars.  Well they killed their pimp — a guy named LeRoy.  The Tallahassee Democrat named the articles about them ‘Murder and the top 20 Prostitutes from F.S.U.’

I decided to interview the top 3 picks from the group.  The most beautiful and I let my slave assistant (neutered assistant) Chris talk to all the girls and pick those that he would think I might like.  The picks were Deloris, Amy and Lana.

Deloris would be everybodiies pick until you talked to her.  She was quite crude.  Men were ‘dicks’ and women were ‘pussies’ to Deloris.  Her major at school was human sexuality, and she was proud of her outward beauty.  She met me and before I asked decided to show me her breasts.  They were extremely nice ones, but I thought at once that she was treating me like a customer. I wondered if she had pulled the same ‘customer’ thing on Chris because when he was neutered the knife slipped and all his manhood was taken off, not just his ball sack.  So he was very much like a girl, he just thought of himself as the man he was not.

Amy thought of herself in competition with Deloris for a top spot with me.  She said she was different and then went on to explain how very different she was.  She was a submissive and would obey any order of her master.  That is extremely good, but when she said, “Nothing is too nasty for me to eat or drink if my owner orders it”  I didn’t ask for specifics.  She looked like a church girl with flawless complexion and teeth a dentist could love, but then she bragged about eating shit.   I could believe she was the one who strangled the pimp.  She said, “If my master says to do something terrible, it is the law of mine.”  I saw her smiling face in bad dreams after that.

When the other two girls were gone and I had Lana seated in my office she said, “You are a sort of state official, aren’t you?”

“A sort of official,” I said, “I dispose  of criminals for the State of Florida.”

“Well I’m not a criminal I’m a cheerleader.  I cheer at Leon High School.  My name is Lana Marie Stanton.  I live at 1074 West Maine Street in Tallahassee Florida.”

“So they made a big mistake with you?”

“Yes and I kept telling everyone in charge of the police, the court and then the driver who brought me here.”

“Where am I now?”

“Maitland Florida,” I said.

“I guess they don’t tell yo so you won’t escape.  No one believed me before, I think the way you listen you believe me.  they said in court that I was a prostitute and I told them I wasn’t , and it was like a joke, the joke of the day.  IO told them that I could prove I was not part of the, ‘Killer Prostitute Ring of FSU’, but that got an even bigger laugh.”

“How could you prove that?”  I asked.

“I’m a virgin sir.”  she said and shifted her legs around.  God her movement really aroused me! She looked down after she noticed that I was really eyeballing her. She looked embarrassed.

“I’m surprised no one checked.”  I told her.

“Well all the girls liked how you look, those other two Deloris and Amy, the other ones you picked, their the most dangerous of the whole group, and maybe the best looking.  I just got caught n the boys dorm building, the place where the pimp was killed.  The boys it seemed had hired the whole bunch that afternoon.”

“What were  you doing in the boys dorm?”

“I was visiting a boy, he lived there, and I guess still does Roy Matt.”

“So what do you think I’m going to do with you Lana?”

“Well you picked me from the others and I think your name is Rex.  Of course I will always need to call you master.  The police said to another girl, as I listened, “Rex is the end of te line man who decides if your good for pussy or for hot dogs.'”

“So did you understand that Lana?

She nodded her head yes, “So what do you think that meant?”

“That you decide about criminal slaves in Florida and make a girl like me a whore to make you money or use me as animal meat in a hot dog factory.”

“So what do you request I do with you Lana?”

“Keep me for yourself and please fuck me master.”

I did her right on the floor Bill Jr.  Right on my light blue carpet.  It was not justice, I don’t ever say I have anything to do with that idea.  Well back to justice could I have sent Lana home to her house in Tallahassee then?  By then she was a confirmed slave.  Her parents probably believed she was a prostitute who was caught murdering her pimp.  Her friends thought she was hiding a secret life.  She was by then disenrolled in her college classes.  There is no justice for folks caught in slavery, and it’s not fair.  Slavery is just a fact of life that slaves have to accept, or take harsh consequences.

I think that everything that Lana told me was absolutely true, she was a virgin.

“So what did you tell me all of that for Rex? I’m not going to give up and be a slave.  I have 3 wives and 6 children at home.”

“How many wives does the man who owns the bank have?”

“Henry has five and he’s old money.  I imagine his relatives are getting court orders already.  I think you’ve stepped in some deep shit here Rex.”

“Look Bill I’ve been trying to accumulate you to slavery an easy way so you can be of the most use to me sooner rather than later.

Let me ask you something Bill, on a scale from 1 to 10 rank your 3 wives sexually.”

“Listen dip-shit they are the mothers of my children!”  The sound of his voice meant to me that probably his next move was to hit me.  I had meant to get a rise out of him, and I got one.  I stomped my foot 3 times and my two outside guards came in the room.  They were both  very big boys.  sort of the type you think might have been bred as pro-football line men.  The office was filled with their presence and Bill was I think all at once afraid.  He said after a bit of silence and I think fear, “:what is it you want of me anyway?”

Castration is one of the most powerful tools slave owners have.  One rarely has to resort to such a drastic thing to get complete surrender.  With Bill all I had to use was the mountain men, and he got naked, crawling and licking my toes.  It’s really relaxing to read a good book while a slave frantically sucks your toes.  Bill Jr. had a book called The Failure of Democracy by Earnest Hannager.  I read about 20 pages and then only after ten licks with a hand wide strap Bill not only signed lifetime indentures for his wives and children, but locked his silver slave collar in place on his neck and bowing down handed me his leash.


Some other stories by Ray Cates are:  A Tallahassee story about a gender problem. Almost no men are being born.  This girl has a mother with a huge alcohol problem.  Are there any small alcohol problems?  This girls father makes a poor choice.

Up From Orlando

When I got back to the car after looking at the prison pens.  Loretta was there waiting for me with the doors open, and she said, “Did you buy some of them Rex?”

“Six-hundred, I paid more for their chains than for them.  All of them are now on my trucks and heading for Maitland — I’m going to keep them in my new warehouses.”

“It smells so bad here Rex is it worse at the pens?”

“Not too bad, I guess after about an hour you forget about how bad it smells and just notice how crazy prisoners get when they’ve been caged in pens without sanitary facilities.  The women are so much louder than the men, but the men look like monkeys after a couple of months.”

“What did they do?  I mean what crimes Rex?”

“Murder and manslaughter, they killed someone or were part of someone else doing it.”

“Did you buy any woman?”

“Three hundred,. some of them danced naked for me as an inducement for me to buy them.  those that remain unsold are made into hotdogs.”

“I’ll never willingly eat another hotdog!”

“I shot one as they were being chained.  He moved forward toward me — out of line.”

“Where did you shoot him?”

“In the stomach and when he went down I put a round in his head.”

“So only 599 are going to the warehouse in Maitland.”

“No 600 is just the approximate count, actually they expect some to die.  I think from my actual count there are more like 720.”

“Have you decided what to do with them?”  She said as I started my care and began driving, and she added, “Master.”

Loretta had worked at my store and rejected me at first, when I only was a clerk at the store with her.  Then when I became manager she still was cool toward me, but she was tall and sexy looking and when I became manager she still was cool toward me, but she was tall and curvy looking.  I had been a homeless guy living in my car before I met her and got my job at Buck General.  When I saw Loretta she was about the best girl I had been close to in maybe 3 years.  Girls are not too attracted to homeless bums.

When I became an owner of the Buck General Stores of course she couldn’t say no.  She had refurnished her apartment with money she borrowed from the store slush fund.  When all that money was forced to be paid, that was when I got my one-third part.  My duty was to make those that owed pay or sign an indenture.  With her that was the best thing, because indentures are slavery, Loretta became mine if I wanted, and I really wanted.

I informed her in person that she was my slave.  She was not overjoyed, not even happy about it, like acting in a play.  She cried around so much that I tied a leash around her neck and led her around.

Gradually Loretta’s attitude changed.  She watched Cindy, who had been the other owner’s girl, follow me around without a leash and rub up against me and Loretta began to talk to me, calling me Rex.  Cindy was very pretty, but Loretta was my choice.  Cindy had been cast off, and left when her master went on a retirement trip.  Loretta liked my brand new car (that I took from an enslaved manager). and she was excited that I took her alone in my car to buy the slaves.  She touched me on the way back like she had seen Cindy do.  She put her hands inside my shirt.  I had sex with her, but not screaming surrendering,  It was rather fair sex, like you might get from a wife after they were a bit tired of doing the thing.  It was sort of the ‘Here I am naked, do what you want sex.’

I don’t know if it was shooting the slave or the ‘hot dog’ statement that caused her to call me ‘master’, but somehow she changed in the car.  She had been sitting in the car with the windows and doors open and she probably heard the two shots. Her hands wandered under my shirt all the way back to Maitland.

I had bought this airplane factory building in Maitland Florida for a cheap, scrap heap price.  It had been converted  into a battery factory and the factory went bad.  It was about the biggest thing in Maitland, no one else had any vision for it.  I divided it into various training and sales areas for a slave business.  I was not mixing my Buck General business (which then I owned only one-third) and my slave business –that I owned all of, but I planned  to use some slaves from the convict sales to fill slots in Buck General.

From the time I took over Buck General Stores I kept two women Loretta and Cindy.  Cindy was given me by the retiring part owner of Buck General.  Loretta I took from the store I once worked at.  Cindy came from a prosperous family.  I saw her family home in a high-class area of Orlando.  Her father had owned an attraction like Sea World.  So when he had a really bad debt she volunteered to help pay it, with her freedom.  Or at least that was her story and she had always been truthful with me.  It’s best slaves always tell their owners the truth.

Loretta had an early life about like mine, low-class and scrambling to live.  I had been in juvie prison as a small boy.  If you don’t have a home the officials stick you where ever they can put you.  With adults it’s always slavery, with kids it’s not always.  I had some relatives and others who thought I was a cute, well-behaved boy, and they took me in.

Loretta grew up in the Orlando area and came from a lower class family, people like my family.  They had nothing and worked hard basically keeping it that way.  Maybe the main problem of her family was alcohol, the adults drank like fish swim.  Her early memories were of violent family fights.  Most of the family women got beat up and injured by the male family members.  She had trouble with me because I didn’t beat her.  She figured that was coming when I took her as my personal slave.

Before I went out to Conway to get convicts I had a plan worked out with Cindy and Ben (who had been a manager at Buck General), to set up a training system for the slaves. As the slaves were brought in wearing their chains for processing the keepers collected any clothing they had and ran them into the showers with plenty of soap.  Any bugs they had in their hair was disinfected, and the males had about all hair removed.  All slaves were  inserted by needle with tracking devices, left hand and left foot.

The fact about murderers, unlike other criminals is that they often only whack once.  Both women and men often just kill their spouse and very few have a tendency to kill other people.  Some of those in the murder category had not been careful doing the deed, and had been drinking or doping.  Manslaughter included lots of people who had just not been careful and someone died because of them.  some of them claimed that the courts and police got the wrong person.

Anyway all of those I picked up were my investment and I wanted to put them to use as fast as possible.  We wanted all of them humble and slavelike as soon as it could be done.  They began crawling and licking as soon as they got to my warehouse and also I began looking at them and making decisions about their uses.

Especially Cindy helped me decorate my office at the warehouse to impress the slaves.  I told her to furnish my large room as if God lived and worked there.  What she did was make the room like some Assyrian throne room.  There were 4 very big guards and eight naked girls, the girls sat very close to me and touched me often while I evaluated slaves that were brought in.  I had three slaves brought in each time.  I was introduced to all that entered as ‘God’.  I wore usually a silk robe and sandals.  Under my robe I had a loaded gun.

At first my goal was to have 150 to 200 clerks to lease to Buck General Stores. I just wanted mostly women who could be trained.

On one of the first days I did the evaluations the first women who crawled in my office, really a bedroom looking place were women of which one had been a housewife who killed her husband, she said, “I’m so sorry now!”  Her education was “Part of high school,” and she said, “I would like to work in a store away from dirty diapers.”  Her name was Diane and she was about 35 years old, “I’ve had 3 children and they drive me crazy!”  I sent her out to the batch going to Buck General.

The 2nd of the 1st three women was a woman who said, “I’m very sexual master.  My choice of jobs would be to fuck you all day.  Would you like to see me undressed?”

“What’s your education and what was your job before being arrested?”  I asked.

“I went to high school, got kicked out because I screwed a teacher and I worked as a stripper.   was arrested for killing a customer, but all I did was wish out loud he was dead.  Somebody else took him out.”

I told her not to get undressed and she said, “You said if we had anything important we should tell you.  Well I do and it’s that about all the men who fucked me, they ALL said I was the very best they ever had.  Now they each and every one thought that was of the utmost importance.  There were lots of bodily injuries over me — fighting over me.  I have a very definite talent of fucking the best.  I see you have all these other girls around you naked, but I’ll bet none of them claimed to have a definite talent fucking.  Well I have it!”

“I’ll give you an appropriate job,” I said and marked down that she should be a prostitute in an establishment called Pleasure Sha ck on the Orange blossom Trail Avenue in Orlando.  I sent her out without even asking her name, so I wrote down number 320 a no name written down for, it was Janet.  She was really good-looking, curvy and after she crawled up to where I was and stood where the others stood, then said, “I have some important things to say to you master, like you asked for, but I think I should tell you with neither the harem girls or the guards here.”

“Well maybe you can write down what you need to say and only I will see it.”

“OK,” she said.

I sent a yellow pad and pen, out to her and she began to write really fast.  the harem girls, as she called them, were really teen-age family members of store families that I thought might impress the slaves I brought in to evaluate.  If the slaves thought I was getting lots of sex maybe they would focus on other areas where they might be of use.

I let Janet write on and on and I fooled with two of the girls — the others I gave a hand signal for them to dance.  I had been getting quite a bit of sex with my two regular women Loretta and Cindy but the two were all over me.  So I told Janet, “Just write the highlights and I’ll ask questions.”  She seemed to finish up and handed me the pad back.

Master God, The writing was titled and the letter read,

I know the hiding place of about 5 million dollars.  Some of it is in cash currency, but most of it is gold bars.

The hiding place is a spot called Ocala Caverns which is on the left going North between Belleview Florida and Ocala.  It is a series of caves, limestone caves not far from Highway 441, 27 and 301.  I’ve been to the caves with 20 gang members.  Those members were executed by the State of Florida n Orange and Hillsborough  counties, but I told on them in court and so I was not executed but made a slave for life.  the gang members murdered police officers.”

There was  then a lot of writing about various names of people shot and people executed.  this woman remembered everything and tried to write it all down.

Then she wrote: Number 2 of important things.  Helen Morris is planning a breakout tonight and she has a pistol.  As soon as they take the chains off all the women she will shoot you and the bitch Cindy and then will use forks and knives from the kitchen at supper to stab and kill those who are holding them.”

Then there were more names that meant little to me and you could see where she abruptly stopped writing.

First I used the intercom to alert the staff to danger, then Janet pointed  Helen out to me.  We isolated the area Helen was on and chained that group up again.

That incident made me understand that even women can really be dangerous.  the gun was found, but not on Helen.  I had pictured Helen as some witch like character, but she was wild looking but beautiful.  After electric treatments she became slavelike, really broken.


I had bought 5 lots of slaves from Happy Collins, or the State of Florida and I had given him my phone number so he could inform me if special cheap lots of slaves became available.  He had called me once in the afternoon when a bunch was going to be sent to the hot dog place and I got out to Lake Conway in time and secured the batch at the per pound price.

Well my phone rang, my bedtime phone at 10 PM and I was involved in something Cindy had thought up called, ‘Servant night’.  Where one serving girl or another slept on my bed.  this was the night of Janet.  She was working in my kitchen during the day.

So the caller said, “Is this Rex Lumbard of the business called Lumbard’s Surplus and Services?”

“Yes, did you get my number from Happy?”

“Yes, in fact I did.  I’m Ferris Dunlap and I run the State of Florida Criminal Justice Division.  well is this a good time to talk?”

“Sure,” I said.

“My agents have been down to the Conway Lockup and we’ve found that lately you have been the one and only buyer of surplus convicts.  The farmers seem to have enough.  I was hoping to privatize the Conway facility as a sort of cost saving measure.  My committee here in Tallahassee has determined that having places like Conway is a drain on public funds and we are planning to turn our expenses into an asset.  We figured you might want to buy our whole operation down there and still keep accepting bunches of convicts and dispose of them as you can.

Well you keep buying batches so you must have ideas about disposing of them.  we are about out of even the hot dog meat packers.  Even meat packers don’t want the quantity we get from the courts.”

“If you don’t mind me asking how much are you losing on the operation, per year now?”

“Four million dollars.”

“WelI I just bought a bunch of land up in Belleview Florida, but I can think of a way to solve both our problems.”

“Tell me please.”

“I think I could develop the land around Lake Conway in time and you could save money by delivering the convicts to my warehouses in Maitland.

I would agree to immedately take inmates at my warehouses and empty factory buildings in Maitland and you deed me the land at Conway, and let me ask you this?”


“Are the probably 150 workers at Conway indentured, like the supervisors?”

“Yes all slaves of the State of Florida.”

“Well send me their indentures and I will keep them working and supervised until I can dispose of that facility and place he bunch in other jobs.  You have indentures for the workers and their families?”

“Yes of course 322 people in all.  Do you want some kind of transition money from us to do this deal?”

“How does 2 million the first year sound?”

“It sounds like you’ve got a binding deal.  I’ll messenger the deeds and indentures tonight and the 2 million you can get in 12 checks.”

“Send it to my business at Rex Drive in Maitland.”

“Good,” he said.


I talked to Janet Riggs several times after she helped in the recovery of the gun.  I also had her criminal papers found and read them.  It was about like she told me the gang of men, called the Neantharals

The gang lived in Miami Shores and most of their murders had to get other gang money. I did much research about the gang and their executions before I took the Janet story seriously, but I treated her really good for telling me about the gun loose in my establishment.  She worked in the kitchen because I wanted her to help me with security.  They used knives down there, and I wanted her to supervise all sharp instruments. I looked up stuff about the gang in real secrecy.

Once in the 1960’s the Ocala Caverns had been a tourist attraction.  Some of the little tourist folders that could be found for hundreds of miles in every direction around where the caverns were had catchy titles like, ‘Prehistoric Caves’, and ‘Supernatural Ancient Cypress Cave’

When the caves were open to tourists the people could take an underground ride on a row-boat. The 1960 promoters even named the underground river that people could navigate down as the Olygopyzers, lord knows how that is pronounced.  The ride was all underground and there was also a 60 foot lighted lake — the lights were not fossils, but instead of the Edison variety.

The history of the caves was printed and on the internet.  It was built and operated first by Violet Ray who was also the (at one time) the Womans Lightweight East Coast Wrestling Champion.  She had a wrestling room in the caves, where the greats of wrestling were immortalized in pictures and flashy belts.  Her son was also part of the attraction because he was billed at 660 pounds and dressed as a wrestler as did the dad Man Mountain Senior.  It was a family business that had been dormant for a hundred years.

Another attraction at the caves was the after Christmas ‘Santa Room’.  The announcer then dressed as Santa and kids got a gift with each paid admission.  I think it was a wrestling belt, or pictures of the family of wrestlers.  The brochures said, ‘The Ocala Caverns are Santa Land after Christmas, because Santa just needs a little sun after a hard Holiday Season.’  Another thing that tourists were told to look for in the caves was, ‘Fossils abound on every wall –ceilings and even underwater.’

Janet said the gang was so sure of their hiding place at the caves that they stashed all their gold and money in the same cave.  Janet said, “I’ll have to go there master and show you.  I don’t want to write anything down, you better have plenty of guards around when you go get all the stuff.  There may be some people  still alive who are searching for all their crime money.”

She said, “Eddie had a key to the front gate, and gang people carried all the treasures in. I don’t know who Eddie had to kill to get that key and I didn’t want to know.”

There was an Aldridge Real Estate firm in Orlando that I had used to buy warehouses in Maitland and I talked with a Rodger who connected me with a place in Ocala called Bill’s Brokers, and Bill Jr said he knew where the Ocala Caverns had been and he knew that once it was called that in the 50’s and once it was called the Radioactive Caves.  I had found that in my research also.  It was called that back in its hayday and he said Rachael Betts was the current owner of the place.  He said, “She’ll sell the caves and the 22 acres she owns around it for $140,000. and you pay the ten percent real estate tax on it.”

“I’ll take it.” I said, “can I wire you the money and get the keys as soon as I get to Ocala?”

“Sure I can go out with you.”

“No thanks I’ll investigate the property with people I bring.”


“Today will be fine.  Call the number back when the deeds are in your hands.”


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